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Don’t Overlook YouTube

People continue to allocate more time than ever to social media. Platforms like the dominant Facebook, the ever-expanding Snapchat, and the growing-faster-than-anyone TikTok, seem to be getting all the attention, but when it comes to...

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No More Cookies

Consumers don’t want cookies. (Not third-party tracking cookies, anyways. Their eponymous inspirations are still a hit, crumbs and all.) As a common practice the ad industry has used for years to understand the behaviors of...

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Using AI in Content Marketing (Part 1)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fueling many industries and businesses in today’s technology-driven world. But what function can it serve when it comes to content marketing—and marketing in general? First and foremost, it helps to understand...

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The Bright Side Of Dark Social

Dark social is a marketer’s best friend and worst nightmare. This untraceable, copy-and-paste content sharing has become one of the most popular ways of communicating to friends and family about brands (and you’ve probably done...

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