Goodyear Commercial Truck


Website Redesign

The Goodyear Commercial Tire website was non-responsive and information-heavy, providing little value to users or the company. It tried to deliver a one-size-fits-all solution to numerous audiences such as Dealers, Fleets, and Sales, but due to inconsistencies across each audience’s needs, the site was less than helpful.

To right the ship, hfa dug into segmentation and persona building. We learned that to remain profitable, every fleet faces a unique set of challenges related to their hauling needs. High among those needs: finding the right tire management solution.

Alongside Goodyear, hfa revamped the site. Now each audience could ‘Dial-In’ their unique needs and match them with custom product and service recommendations. This simplified decision process put individualized needs first and made it possible to deliver solutions that work for every audience.

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