Driving customer engagement

Measuring Event Success

Goodyear hosts an annual North American Dealer Conference to engage its dealer channel and introduce new products. To measure success, the brand needed a better way to track attendance and participation at the show.

hfa developed a digital experience called iPass to monitor engagement with RFID tracking and an integrated app. A game-like experience awarded points for participation and allowed attendees to plan their schedules and share photos. In the end, Dealers got a more engaging experience and Goodyear got the data they desired.

0 %
Participation rate

in the iPass game at the conference

0 %
of participants

reached the minimum iPass point threshold required to win premium prizes


average time attendees spent at each key area of the trade show floor

Goodyear iPass app and touchscreens
Goodyear iPass RFID-monitored football game
Goodyear iPass tradeshow map touchscreen
Goodyear iPass RFID gamified location posters
Goodyear iPass tradeshow map in integrated app
Goodyear iPass RFID-monitor