Kinetico® Tappy Thoughts

A well-hydrated brand persona

Created a Social Persona

With negativity pouring out of every corner of the internet, a vacuum of positivity begs to be filled. So, to help stem the relentless tide of bleak content (and to help Kinetico find a new way to gulp down some more market share), hfa created Tappy, a new social presence for Kinetico.

This persona is never shy about sharing his glass-way-more-than-half-full worldview. His persistent and positive #TappyThoughts work right alongside the Kinetico brand campaign to build followers, flood the world with happiness and ultimately funnel leads right to Kinetico’s dealers.

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Kinetico Tappy Twitter post
Kinetico Tappy instagram profile
Kinetico Tappy instagram post
Kinetico Tappy Twitter profile
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