Selling a superior system of solutions

Global Campaign with Targeted Connections Plan

Bolstered by strong industry relationships and ongoing innovations, Lubrizol saw an opportunity to expand its global reach by offering a system of solutions for vehicle manufacturers. The challenge was low awareness – potential partners didn’t know the true breadth of innovations Lubrizol had to offer, extending beyond lubricants to enhance multiple components throughout the vehicle. This message would need to be summarized and communicated through numerous B2B channels to reach OEM buying groups.

To drive a value-based dialogue and increase awareness of all product offerings, hfa created a connections plan that deepened the engagement within a buying circle that included the C-suite, engineers, purchasers and more. A creative campaign that focused on how Lubrizol products can enhance the way a vehicle looks, moves and feels provided relevant messaging to a broad array of target audiences in the places and spaces where they stay informed and seek inspiration.


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