Ohio Lottery

Simpler Is Better

“50-100-500” Scratch Off Campaign

The Ohio Lottery’s new scratch off ticket featured a unique payout – all prizes were in increments of $50, $100 or $500. They needed a campaign to pay off this distinguishing feature, and do it on a very limited budget.

By poking fun at the overbearing sophistication of TV ads for ‘advanced cleaning machines’ and other premium appliances, hfa created an eye-catching TV spot, as well as social, display and print ads, that combined a high-tech look with elevated language to portray the scratch off ticket as a landmark of engineering innovation. And to do all that within the budget? Breathtaking.

Ohio Lottery “50-100-500” Scratch Off print ad
Ohio Lottery “50-100-500” Scratch Off social posts
Ohio Lottery “50-100-500” Scratch Off website banner